Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ed Benes' sultry pencil

(Ed Benes wallpaper and sketches gallery available here!)

Ed Benes is Brazilian. That explains a lot. This slick comic book artist has overloaded hardrives of fans around the world thanks to the excessive download of his gorgeous drawings of super babes. His latest gig on Justice League of America injected some much needed sizzle into one of the most sterile books around. When it comes to female-driven comics, Benes is one of the top masters of the craft. Of particular note are his celebrated runs on Gen 13, Birds of Prey and the campy, adults only, Codename: Knockout. I have kindly provided a link to his extensive gallery at the Comic Art Community. WARNING: Once you go in there, you will be trapped, like a grave robber in the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Besides Benes, you will find amazing art by hundreds of the best artists in the business. NOTE: Some original black & white Benes sketches were colored pretty badly by eager fans before uploading them. Stick to the originals.

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