Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ellen Von Unwerth's cinematic fashion

Ellen Von Unwerth, a former model, makes love with her camera to the world's most beautiful women. Her images are neither obscene, nor pornographic in any way, and her subjects tend to be clothed for the most part. But, man, Ellen is a photographic sorceress, empowered with some kind of witchcraft that draws out and captures the sexual energy of her models like no other. Each photo shoot is practically a mini-movie, telling a story with impeccable art direction, in which her "actresses" play roles instead of just modelling (I'm particularly fond of the campy cat burglar theme she concocted for Monica Bellucci - see it all here). Her concepts are often inspired by an odd, but extremely sensual mix of classic films, dolce vita, erotica and a little S&M. Her retro influences have produced images that stand the test of time, decades after their first publication. She continues to be an inspiration to artists everywhere, in any medium. The hyperlinks in this blurb will bring you to a web site that contains an impressive collection of Elle Von Unwerth's best photographs. WARNING: Some images may contain nudity and adult situations. Oh, so now you're clicking...

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