Monday, July 21, 2008

The erotic eye of Milo Manara

(NEW! By popular request, a great Manara wallpaper gallery is now available here!)

Milo Manara is, simply put, the best erotic artist working in comics today. Born in Italy, Manara created countless graphic novels, short stories and illustrations around the theme of female sexual fantasies. His women tend to be allergic to clothing and spend most of the tales nude or in various states of undress. Manara captures their sensuality with pure, cleans lines and an unparalleled mastery of the female figure. Amongst those seduced by his art, we can count cinema maestro Federico Fellini, with whom Manara co-created the graphic novel Viaggio a Tulum (Trip to Tulum). Their collaboration brings us as close as one can get to an epic and mystic erotic dream through fabulous lands while being awake. You won't find Manara's gorgeous comics in most North American comic book shops due to the abundance of human nudity, the most offensive thing since the invention of nuclear weapons and smart bombs. Actually, according to Bush & Co., nuclear weapons and smart bombs are still preferable to nudity when it comes to the moral well-being of our society. Rush to discover Manara online and place a few orders, before a naked Sports Illustrated model streaks across the White House, materializing the fears of the administration and banning exposed flesh forever, along with all the other civil liberties already supressed by the Patriot Act.

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