Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rapaces: The sexiest vampire comic in the world

(Get an eyeful at the Marini wallpaper and sketch gallery here! WARNING: Some nudity, some violence, etc, etc, but gorgeous comic art!)

(story by Dufaux, art by Marini) may very well be the sexiest, most beautifully drawn vampire graphic novel in the world. It tells the story of a bad-ass female detective caught in a confrontation between a secret, yet complaisant society of day-walking vampires, who rule the earth, and two old-school bloodsucking, ultra-hot and merciless siblings seeking to return to the violent ways of the night. The original version is in French, but if you can't get an Aubade model to teach you that language within the next week or so, you can go ahead and get Raptors, the English translation. But those French hard cover albums, with their gorgeous paper and colors, are so much more sensual. Go here to see some art and meet the characters. You'll be able to say "I saw it first" when they finally turn the books into a movie. How do I know they will turn it into a movie? Because every comic is turned into a movie these days! People, admit it. Hollywood has given up on original ideas. Ten years from now, they'll be making remakes of the sequel of a remake. Forget I said that. They are doing it already. But, hold on! Rapaces is French! That would be practically a foreign film. And everyone knows foreign films don't make any money. On top of that, it contains full frontal nudity. I think this book might be safe from a Hollywood adaptation and its 13 re-writes. Close call.

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