Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Going CAMP-ing: Part I

Time for a bit of camp. No, no. This is not about Elektra, nor Jennifer Gardner. Stick around. It's about who is/was the best female action star in Hollywood, regardless of the quality of her movies. The question rages on. James Lipton and Roger Ebert have come to blows over it and may never agree. If you want to put in your two-cents, check out the list posted at (don't ask how I ended up there). You can duke it out with the other girls (yes, girls) posting their opinions. I must say that, regardless of a couple of exclusions, their top 10 is OK. And once you're done with that, go to Mighty Hotties, one of the campiest pages online, to browse through pictures of actresses who have dared to put on leather and spandex costumes to play comic book and video game-based characters. Innocent fun, unless you're into... What the hell? People can't be into... Really? Boy, I'll never look at those movies the same way again. And, for all it's worth, I do believe that if Elektra, the feature film, would've had a script true to the complex comic book character created by Frank Miller and a director with an intimate knowledge of pain and vengeance, Jennifer might've ranked much higher on the list.

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