Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remembering Russia's sexiest bodyguard

Anna Loginova was known as Russia's most glamorous bodyguard. She was the founder of the Moscow-based Stilet Private Security agency, which employs women exclusively. Anna's clients included wealthy and shady individuals, and their mistresses and wives, who preferred the protection of an attractive and discreet female killer to bulky goons whose presence could be a real eye sore at fine social occasions. Sadly, Anna was killed back in January 2008 while trying to prevent the carjacking of her own Porsche Cheyenne. She was 29. I thought I should re-run the story in this place devoted to fantasy, as a reminder that some women do lead a very real life of danger, where death is daily possibility (spies, soldiers, special agents...). I tip my hat to their figurative cojones. You can read Anna's full story here.

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