Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dean Yeagle and Mandy

(Check out the Dean Yeagle sketches and Mandy wallpaper gallery here!)

Dean Yeagle is a wonderful cartoonist and animator, famous for his sexy Playboy gags and pin-up art. His most treasured creation is Mandy, an innocent and care-free young girl, seemingly oblivious to her sexual impact. Dean has published six books, filled with sketches and scenes capturing intimate and sensual everyday moments of Mandy's simple life: Scribblings 1, 2, and 3, One Mandy Morning, Mandy's Shorts, and The Mandy Portrait Gallery. He has even produced an instructional DVD on Designing Mandy for budding artists. Fans can drop Dean a line or order his books directly from him at He will be glad to provide a list of available titles and prices.

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