Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Terry Dodson's French erotic adventure

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Comic book artist Terry Dodson has a way of drawing that makes even sidewalks look horny. Understandably, he has become one of the go-to guys for books featuring curvaceous heroines, such as Harley Quinn (where he got to draw some of the hottest gals in the Batman universe) and Wonder Woman. Looking at his work over the years, one can tell that Dodson was itching to pencil something a little more edgy and with as few male characters as possible. Unfortunately, the opportunities to create adult (see erotic) material when laboring for Marvel and DC come as often as the 31st of February. So, Dodson set his sights on France, where he was invited by the publishing house Les Humanoïdes Associés to illustrate Songes, a gorgeous graphic novel released in 2006, written by D.P. Filippi. "Songes translates roughly as 'Dreams' or 'Daydreams', a very apt title for a book about the imaginative fantasies of its heroine, Coraline, as she explores the mysteries of an elaborate mansion and its inhabitants in the French countryside. Applying for the position of governess, Coraline finds herself charged with the care of the temperamental young master Vernère, who owns the château. As she discovers more about the prodigiously talented and precocious inventor, she begins to find herself drawn into a world of mystery, romanticism and sensuality, which expresses itself through her vivid dreams." (See the full review by Dave Wallace here.) It's Jules Verne meets soft Milo Manara, with Dodson's best art to date.

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