Friday, October 17, 2008

D.E.B.S.: Lesbian camp

"Camp" as in "campy film", not as in a camp where you can actually go and see...oh, never mind. Angela Robinson is a fine director and one of those rare creative minds who enjoys tongue-in-cheek sexy B-movies as much as tongue-in-other-places hardcore drama. Angela has directed some of the finest episodes of the L-Word, that fabulous TV show about the life of lesbians in L.A., while giving us such brain-candy as Herby Fully Loaded and D.E.B.S. The latter, a film based on her award-winning short of the same name, is a guilty pleasure that only made $97,446 at the U.S. box office. Lovers of camp and school girl comic books will appreciate D.E.B.S., Angela's low-budget escapist ride about an espionage school for nubile young ladies, in very, very short plaid skirts. The cast is just lovely, including Jordana Brewster in the role of the evil (and lesbian) Lucy Diamond, Sara Foster as the lead good agent who falls for Lucy and Devon Aeoki (Miho, in Sin City), in a great turn as a French spy nymph. Michael Clarke Duncan is their Bosley equivalent. Readers should know that Angela is a legit lesbian and, therefore, has the the finesse to handle the topic with gusto. I just remember something: Lindsay Lohan was in Herbie.

Here's the D.E.B.S. trailer and a link to acquire the DVD if you get the urge. You'll know right away if it's your cup of tea:

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