Monday, October 27, 2008

Vanity Fair's "Vanities"

Since Vanity Fair's rebirth 25 years ago, the magazine has delivered one of the most stimulating cocktails of style, politics and investigative journalism available on the printed market. In a recent issue, the mag revealed the identity of Deep Throat, the until-then secret Watergate whistle-blower, beating even Bob Woodward to his own scoop! But we digress. Vanity Fair continues to publish outstanding, sexy pictures and portraits of celebrities from all walks of fame. My dear readers will certainly appreciate the Vanities Girls feature, a showcase of impeccable retro pin-up style photos of hot young rising starlets by the magazine's top photographers. We have seen countless attempts at reproducing the vibe of those classic pin-ups, with various degrees of (mostly) failure, but the style artists at Vanity Fair are doing an impressive job. You may browse through the selected photos published here or visit the online home of Vanities to read about the subjects of the images.

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