Monday, November 23, 2009


Angelina Jolie's breakthrough (and damn hottest) role arrived in the 1998 HBO TV film Gia. Jolie received a Golden Globe award for her interpretation of Gia Marie Carangi (above, right), a woman considered by many as the first supermodel of the 80s, infamous for her drug experiments, torrid lesbian love affairs and short tragic life. Jolie took a massive bite into the role and went full out, guns blazing, giving his estranged father, Jon Voight, numerous reasons to have cardiac arrests during the 90-or-so minutes of the film. Those who love Jolie and missed this little gem are in for a sweet treat. Those who don't, stay away. The rest of the world feels sorry for you. There are still DVD copies running around.

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Very nice pictures, man!
Love Sonja since I was 14 !
It means 16 years...
Great wallpapers, thanx for share it!