Monday, July 21, 2008

Denise Richards hit and ran

Dear Denise,

Although your name wasn't on the poster, in 1998 you certainly starred in John McNaughton's ultra-sexy, smart crime thriller Wild Things, along with Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon and Neve Campbell. It was the movie that made you famous. You were at your sexiest and devilish best. I fell in love with you and was eagerly looking forward to wilder things to come. Your performance was so memorable, that its mystique has carried your career for the last 10 years. Sadly, and not unike many other stars who had break-through erotic roles (Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger, Jessica Lange, Jaime Pressly...), you have spent most of your time avoiding sexual roles in a bizarre effort to be considered a "legitimate actress." The point you missed (and you're not alone among your peers) is that your ability to be outrageously and enjoyably erotic took nothing away from your talent. Anyone can show flesh. It takes much more than that to make an impression. There are very few actresses in Hollywood who can deliver truly sexy performances. Who has taken the mantle from Marilyn? Who needs one more Ellen Page? Denise, you took your fame and ran. We gave it to you. We trusted you. You owe us one more role. Give up your bland choices and bring on the controversy. We need it. It's not too late.

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