Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tanya Roberts, queen of the wild

Tanya Roberts, the feline pictured above on the left, out staged the entire African continent and its wildlife as the sight to behold in the adventure film Sheena (1984), directed by John Guillermin, which is now available on DVD to be paused and played in slo-mo at will. With all due apologies to Geena Lee Nolin, Tanya Roberts is the reincarnation of a mythical Amazon riding a zebra and remains the ultimate celluloid queen of the savanna. I don't recall much of the plot, but even if there were none, it wouldn't matter in this case. If you seek sophisticated African films go rent Out of Africa and leave me alone. You can also check out Tanya's screen-chomping turn in The Beastmaster, a 1982 cult classic of barbarian fantasy, not to be confused at any price with the TV series of the same name. I think she might even be more scorching here than in Sheena. Watch both and let me know.

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