Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Frank Cho's Jungle Queens

(See Frank Cho wallpapers & sketches here!)

Frank Cho is the creator of the often-censored strip Liberty Meadows, which chronicles the hijinks of a veterinarian, Looney Tunes-like talking animals and two of the most curvaceous women in comics. Don't ask. The damn thing just works. Frank's obvious gift for rendering the female figure in a way that should grant him the job of God's assistant in heaven, has led him to numerous gigs at Marvel and others. A fan of old matinee adventure pictures and pulp fiction, with a soft spot for giant monkeys and dinosaurs, Frank is at his finest drawing stories of prehistoric and barbarian ultra-women from a time where Wal-Mart hadn't made clothes so affordable and semi-nudity was the norm. His Shanna mini-series made even velociraptors look sassy. Now, our friends at Brandstudio Press have released a magnificent compilation of his best women & dinosaurs illustrations, Frank Cho's Jungle Queens, but it would appear this limited edition sold out before hitting the stands. Go to Brandstudio or Google the book and see if you can trade your first born to get your hands on a copy.

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