Sunday, July 20, 2008

Frank Miller's Ronin: Do not wait for the movie!

After either ignoring Frank Miller for decades or destroying shamelessly his work (Elektra, Robocop 2's script), Hollywood finally saw the light in 2005 thanks to Robert Rodriguez' remarkable commitment to produce a Sin City adaptation true to its original material. We can now expect anything ever written or drawn by Mr. Miller, including letters to his attorneys and kindergarden doodles, to be coming-soon to a massive-plex near you. If you haven't read his comic books, you are missing out on some of the finest pieces of fiction ever created in any medium. Read The Dark Knight Returns to understand why Batman is such an interesting character today. Read the original Sin City stories and 300. And let me direct your attention to Ronin, Miller's landmark comic book series (1983-84). Inspired by serious Japanese manga, Miller revolutionized graphic storytelling in a yarn that blends medieval samurai traditions with mind-blowing sci-fi. The content was miles ahead of its time, but also the format. The original 6-part Ronin series was printed with the best paper and color reproduction ever used for a comic until then. The movie is coming sometime soon, but do yourself a favor and get the book first. Amazon and eBay are fine, but a trip to your local comic book merchant would be better. You'll discover more jewels.

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