Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maryse and the WWE

While most actresses have the privilege of pretending to be action women, my friend Maryse earns a good living stepping into a ring and performing painful wrestling stunts for the viewing pleasure of WWE's live SmackDown audiences. Professional wrestling may be scripted, but, trust me, one must be one tough sonofabitch to survive in the WWE, where crippling injuries are all too common. Maryse came second at the 2004 Hawaiian Tropic International pageant and appeared in a few Playboy specials. I met her in 2006, when she came to my Montreal office seeking opportunities in the film world. Guillermo Grispo, a fantastic fight coordinator, and I were impressed by her physical abilities and her cheerful can-do attitute. She was a sweetheart. Shortly thereafter, Maryse took a chance, packed her bags and headed to NY to audition for the WWE Diva Search. She was picked from a mob of thousands and soon was on TV as one of the finalists. Unable to speak English fluently, she was quickly eliminated, but received an offer to train at the WWE farm in Ohio, with no other guarantees. Again, she leaped at the chance. We stayed in regular contact by phone and text messages throughout her adventures. Less than a year later, she made her official debut on SmackDown. Today, she's bruised and famous. Good for her. It's always a thrill to see someone take risks and make it. Without her guts, she could've remained another pretty barmaid in a city full of them. Stop by her official web site and say hello. She has promised me she will bodyslam and pile-drive on concrete anyone who has been mean to me next time she comes to town. You know who you are.

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