Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ClaraDarko's snazzy video tributes

I've seen plenty of YouTube videos and YouTube channels. But I had never encountered anyone so dedicated to her passion for movies and video tributes as the mad editor / video uploader known as ClaraDarko. She (and I can only assume she's a she) hails from Spain, which might explain a lot considering recent Spanish successes born from sheer sweat and commitment: EuroCup, Tour de France, Wimbledon... Someone must be messing with genetically manipulated paellas. I've posted here ClaraDarko's impressive Femmes Fatales: Bad is Better edit. In her YouTube playlists, you'll find the astonishingly long list of movies she used for it, along with video tributes to Star Wars, classic movies, super heroes, Indiana Jones, movie monsters... She wields her Final Pro editing software like a... well... pro, and her music selections are pretty decent. A fun pit-stop for all movie lovers. She even makes Jennifer Garner look pretty damn cool.

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