Sunday, August 17, 2008

Heroes' artist Tim Sale

All those moody paintings featured in the TV show Heroes are the work of comic book great Tim Sale. Tim was already known to fans worldwide for his landmark collaborations with writer (and Heroes co-executive producer) Jeph Loeb. Their partnership thrives in the exploration of the mythology of some of the most iconic super heroes of Marvel and DC, creating out-of-continuity tales, often set in the characters' early years. Tim's style is unmistakable and definitely a throw-back to romantic pulp-fiction and film noir, with bold brush strokes, shadows, large cinematic panels and fluid renditions of wicked, sultry female characters. Two books, the lavishly illustrated and insightful Tim Sale Black and White, covering his life and work, and the sexy Tim Sale Pin-ups, featuring fabulous sketches of obvious nature, are now available. His best graphic novels with Jeph Loeb include Batman's The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, Catwoman's When in Rome, Spiderman Blue and Daredevil Yellow. Tim's web site is worth a long visit.

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