Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gipsy: Marini's sexy trucking tales

(Get an eyeful at the Marini wallpaper and sketch gallery here! WARNING: Some nudity, some violence, etc, etc, but gorgeous comic art!)

Swiss artist Enrico Marini is the master draftsman behind the French language Rapaces (Raptors, in English), possibly the sexiest and best drawn vampire graphic novel in the world. As if that wasn't enough, he's also the pencil behind Gipsy, possibly the sexiest trucking graphic novel in the world. Gipsy, as his name implies, is a gipsy truck driver who pilots his massive rig on various assignments across a worldwide super-highway in the not-so-distant future. Along the way, he encounters dictators, rebels, terrorists and some of the most hardboiled and sultry dames in sequential art. Marini's art has it all: gorgeous ink lines, spectacular watercolors, breathtaking backgrounds, excellent paneling and cinematic composition. The original version is French, written by Thierry Smolderen, but the kind people of Heavy Metal have published an English compilation of the 3-volume Siberian saga for our reading pleasure. Note: Somehow, Amazon messed up the product description and reviews. Pay no attention.

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