Thursday, September 4, 2008

Harold Lloyd and the 3D pin-ups

Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton are the most recognized comedic geniuses of the silent era. For some reason, their contemporary funny man, Harold Lloyd, is not as widely remembered today, even though he was probably the most popular of the three at the height of his career in the 1920s. Even less remembered is the fact that Lloyd was also an accomplished pin-up photographer, whose models in the 50s included Marilyn Monroe and the notorious Bettie Page. Lloyd experimented quite a bit with 3D photography and those funky red & blue paper glasses, in a tireless effort to better capture the topography of his subjects. In 2004, his granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd, published Hollywood Nudes in 3D!, a collection of some of his best images. Vanity Fair praised the book and the pictures at the time of its release, celebrating this hidden talent of one of the greatest movie stars of all-time. The still above (left) was taken from Lloyd's Safety Last. The film inspired one of Jackie Chan's most dangerous stunts: the clock tower drop in Project A. While we are on the subject, why not take a look at Jackie's top 10 stunts, courtesy of YouTube's LovMachine? The clock tower is number two:

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