Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vincenzo Cucca's campy erotica

This is really a teaser posting, because the soft-erotic graphic novel La Route des Maisons Rouges (The Road of the Red Houses), illustrated by Italian artist Vincenzo Cucca, is not available in North America, in as far as I know. To tell the truth, the book is just a nice excuse to showcase the titillating pin-up drawing skills of Cucca, a man with a style that shall thrill followers of Marini, J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes and Terry Dodson. The script was written so neigh a single panel would be deprived of lusty and curvaceous dames: In a place reminiscent of early 19th century Paris, six houses of debauchery compete to attract clients to their respective sexual paradises. Each house is run by thematic groups of women: DarkLadies (S&M), Cybersex, Chinadolls, Icequeens, Sexysqaw (Native Americans) and Western Pleasures. When the mayor announces that the least profitable house will be shut down to make room for a casino, a creative race to increase business begins. Although the whole thing sounds quite raunchy, it's innocent fun, modest by some standards, and certainly not pornographic. Discover more at GG Studio.

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