Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Vinyl Underground: spooky society

The Vinyl Underground is a creepy, sexy, hip and, sadly, recently canceled comic book series written by Si Spencer, with pencils by Simon Gane and inks by brush master Cameron Stewart. Living in an abandoned London underground station, a four-member group investigates occult crimes, providing anonymous tips to the police. The group is led by minor celebrity DJ Morrison Shepherd, the son of an ex-footballer freshly released from prison. Shepherd is aided by Perv, an ex-con clairvoyant whose seizures give him early clues to crimes; Leah King, a morgue assistant who moonlights as an internet model/pornstar; and Shepherd's ex-girlfriend Kim "Abi" Abiola, an African tribal Princess in exile, whose witchdoctor father is accused of the murder that becomes the group's first mystery. The debut story arc, now available on trade paperback, pulls our odd heroes into the nasty world of urban mutti magic, a no-nonsense African practice that consists in making medicine out of fresh body parts. The younger the better. Crazy thing is, mutti is still practiced today. In Vinyl Underground, the X-Files meets TMZ. Recommended reading: The Vinyl Underground Vol. 1: Watching the Detectives.

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