Wednesday, December 2, 2009


In the late 40s, English cartoonist Ronald Searle came up with the wonderful idea of stories set in a fictional boarding school for girls named St-Trinian's. The irreverent, politically-incorrect and sometimes hilariously violent adventures of its student body of social misfits, anarchists and rejects, along with a cast of outrageous educators, have been told in books, comics and films. The latest entry in the series, of which we can expect a sequel soon, is St-Trinian's, one of the funniest and campiest sexy private school films in recent memory, featuring Rupert Everett in the dual role of Miss Camilla Fritton (the school's principal) and her brother, and the stunning Gemma Arterton. Most of us had the pleasure of discovering Gemma through her role of agent Strawberry Fields, in Bond's Quantum of Solace. In St-Trinian's, she displays a gift for comedy and scorching sex appeal as the dominatrix-looking head girl. The Bond connection continues with the brief, but stunning presence of Italian bombshell Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) as the also dominatrix-inspired Spanish teacher. The DVD, a thrill for fans of British comedy and really short skirts, can be found here.

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