Thursday, December 3, 2009


In November 2009, Italian publisher Panini Comics released a 64-page, black & white, hard bound X-MEN comic book, entitled Ragazze in Fuga (Women on the Run or Mujeres en Peligro, Spanish edition), written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Milo Manara. All the VFX in Hollywood, Hugh Jackman humping a donkey and Halle Berry doing an African mating dance together could not deliver a sexier X-MEN tale than Manara, Italy's master of erotic comics. For obvious puritan reasons, the project had to be conceived in Italy and Marvel has given no hint as to whether it will ever be released in America. Until then, fans will have to search for copies online and hope that Chris Claremont, the writer responsible for some of the most iconic X-MEN books in the past 25 years, but not known for his erotic plots, has delivered a hot script to showcase the sensual, clean, yet hardcore style of Manara. To be continued.

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