Sunday, April 11, 2010


It would appear that Rose McGowan is out of Robert Rodriguez' upcoming Red Sonja feature film and Megan Fox is in. Although only a deranged Republican evangelist would have something against the idea of Megan Fox running around in a barbarian costume (preferably very close to the original) and fanboys have been fantasizing about her in all kinds of comic book roles, from Wonder Woman to Witchblade, the jury is still out on her abilities as an action star. A self-confessed wannabe comic book artist currently attached to a future big screen adaptation of Michael Turner's Fathom, the Fox has also disclosed numerous times her allergy to strenuous physical activity. Then, there is the issue of political correctness in Hollywood, which turns potentially edgy films into fodder for toddlers, as illustrated by the diluted adaptation of Wanted, a film that deleted all the bite of the original book. But the guiding hand of Robert Rodriguez, the only man ever to make a comic book film without deviation from the source material (Sin City) and with the balls to quit the Director's Guild to do so, may yet surprise us and give us an "R" picture or, better yet, an NC-17. That would be sheer fun.

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Anonymous said...

She would be a totally HOT Wonder Woman...but I'm a Wonder Woman chaneller and so cannot condone the use of hot but otherwise vacuous women for her avatar.