Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Glau in Serenity

Summer Glau's star is quickly rising thanks to her good Terminatrix role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a series that doesn't even begin to scratch her potential as an action woman. For that, I would strongly suggest a prompt rental of Serenity, Josh Weddon's fun and dirty sci-fi western, where Summer plays a living weapon with some impressive hand-to-hand fighting abilities. And, for the record, she got to perform most of her stunts. Which brings me to a little footnote for all you budding Yuen Woo-Pings out there: When auditioning actresses for a fighting flick, you will be much better off with those who have professional dancing training, than with real hard-core martial artists. Film fighting is all about artistry, timing and choreography, skills that dancers have in spades. Even Jackie Chan, who trained former dancer Michele Yeoh, will share with you his frustrations with top caliber fighters unable to master a choreography. Coincidentally, Summer Glau is a gifted ballerina with the screen attitude of a bull fighter. I want her in my next film, Lord of the Necklaces ('cuz they're bigger than the rings!).

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